NEW Raspberry Ketone Pure is an incredible, exciting new fat-burning formula containing not only raspberry ketones as the main ingredient, but also a powerful blend of super fruits and antioxidants to help boost fat burning results. Raspberry Ketone Pure is a potent formula with other anti-oxidant fat burning ingredients such as African mango, resveratrol, apple cider vinegar, green tea extract and grapefruit. This new discovery in weight-loss supplements is quickly becoming increasingly popular amongst slimmers and athletes worldwide.

It was discovered that raspberry ketone increased both the expression and secretion of adiponectin. This is important because adiponectin is a protein hormone, which modulates a number of metabolic processes, including glucose regulation and fatty acid catabolism. Past research into adiponectin has shown that your levels of adiponcetin are inversely correlated with your body fat percentage.

Higher adiponectin = lower levels of body fat

And if weight loss isn’t enough, higher levels of adiponectin have been shown to control the metabolic derangements that may result in type 2 diabetes, obesity, atherosclerosis, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease and metabolic syndrome. As a result of all of this, the researchers concluded that raspberry ketone “holds great promise as a fat-burning, health-improving herbal supplement.”

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“A revolutionary metabolism booster to bust fat”

“Raspberry ketones actually help to slice the fat up inside the cell so it can seep out faster- so it makes it easier to be burned”

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Raspberry Ketone

Raspberry Ketone is an organic compound that produces the color of raspberries. Recently, however, it has been found that raspberry ketones can help with weight management. Raspberry ketone can help the efficiency of the metabolism by increasing the body’s core temperature and in so doing increasing the body’s fat burning abilities.

African Mango

Studies have shown that taking African Mango supplements can help to reduce appetite, burn fat, increase energy, and help regulate the efficiency of the hormone leptin. All of these properties can have a significant impact on weight loss and weight management efforts.


Kelp is an amazing source of vitamins and minerals and is known to help support the nervous system and the thyroid. Like apple cider vinegar, kelp can also help promote healthy digestion, and it can also help maintain a healthy urinary tract. It is also thought to help boost the metabolism and thus reduces the chances of weight gain. It is often used to promote overall wellness.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar can help promote a healthy digestive system. It helps with digestion and elimination of waste. Apple Cider Vinegar also promotes regularity of bowel movements as well. This can help with weight loss plateaus caused by an unwanted buildup.

Apple cider vinegar has also been popularly used for allergies, sinus infections, acne, flue, sore throats, arthritis, and high cholesterol. Studies have shown that apple cider vinegar can help with decreasing overall body fat.

Green Tea

For thousands of years green tea has been used in Asian cultures to treat everything from headaches to depression, and recent findings have shown that can have substantial weight loss benefits. Green tea is high in anti-oxidants and is thought to help with energy and hunger.

Green tea is thought to reduce the risk of heart disease and eye disease, lower blood pressure, and cholesterol, promote brain health, and even have some anti-cancer properties.

Our blend of ingredients is designed to help with weight management and even weight loss, so that you can see the results you’ve been working towards. However, we want to encourage healthy choices and a healthy lifestyle so our ingredients also work to promote overall health and wellness.

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